About Us

The Mission

Be The Good 360 is on a mission to infuse the world with goodness and inspire change. Just as a
goldfish knows nothing but swimming, we envision a world where goodness is the natural state of
being. We believe that there is a wealth of good news and acts of kindness that deserve to be
celebrated and shared. We are dedicated to uncovering and sharing the most heartwarming and
uplifting stories from South Africa and beyond. But we don’t stop at sharing stories; we actively work
to be the change we want to see. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change, providing
a platform for those who never thought it possible and empowering individuals and communities to
take action. By highlighting positive stories and encouraging active participation, we aim to bring a
balanced and hopeful perspective to the world.

Our Story

Be The Good 360 was founded with the belief that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
Our founder, Oscar, was inspired to start the NGO after witnessing the positive impact of a single act
of kindness. As a geologist who has travelled the world, Oscar has seen it all. Since its inception, Be
The Good 360 has grown into a dedicated team that brings positive change to communities


Our Projects

Be The Good 360 is committed to making a positive impact through various projects, including the
Art project for Fraserburg School and the Borehole project in South Africa. We work hand-in-hand
with local communities to identify their needs and provide support. Our projects are driven by the
belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive, and we all have a role to play in making the
world a better place.

The Impact

Be The Good 360 has touched the lives of countless individuals and communities, leaving a lasting
impact that goes beyond the immediate beneficiaries. Our projects have provided essential support
to schools, communities, and individuals in need. By focusing on schools, we recognise the
importance of education as a foundation for change. When we support schools, we not only help
students but also create a ripple effect that benefits families, communities, and future generations.
A well-supported school can transform the fabric of a community, fostering a culture of learning,
empowerment, and positive change. We have witnessed the transformative power of kindness and
positivity in the communities we serve, and we are dedicated to continuing our work and being the
change we wish to see in the world. By investing in schools and communities, we are planting seeds
of hope and change that will continue to grow and flourish.