Partnerships with Be The Good 360

At Be The Good 360, we believe that collaboration is key to making a positive impact.

We’re always looking for like-minded organisations, charities, and projects to partner with us in our mission to bring positive change to communities in need. Whether it’s through joint initiatives, media
collaborations, or project submissions, we welcome partnerships that align with our mission and values.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer a range of partnership opportunities for charities and other projects to get involved.
Whether it’s collaborating on a specific project, co-hosting an event, or supporting each other’s
initiatives, we’re open to exploring various ways to work together.

Project Submission

If you’re an organisation with a project proposal that aligns with our mission, we invite you to submit
your proposal for collaboration. We’re always looking for innovative and impactful projects that can
make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Partnerships With Media

We’re always looking for opportunities to share good news stories on a larger scale. If you’re a media outlet interested in collaborating with us to spread positivity and share inspiring stories, we’d love to hear from you.

1. Corporate Partnerships:

Align Your Brand with Goodness
Partner with us to integrate corporate social responsibility into your business model. Whether it’s through financial support, in-kind donations, or employee engagement programs, we can tailor a partnership that aligns with your company’s values and objectives.

– Enhance your brand image by associating with positive change.
– Engage employees in meaningful volunteer opportunities.
– Receive recognition in our promotional materials and events.

2. Event Collaborations:

Co-host Inspiring Events
Join us in hosting events that spread positivity, from art exhibitions to community outreach programs.

By co-hosting, we can pool resources, share audiences, and amplify the impact of the event.

– Increase brand visibility and engagement.
– Access new audiences and networks.
– Share in the positive PR and media coverage.

3. Media & Content Partnerships

Spread the Good News Together
Collaborate with us on content creation, from heartwarming stories to impactful documentaries.

Let’s use the power of media to inspire, educate, and motivate.

– Co-brand content for wider reach.
– Engage audiences with meaningful stories.
– Benefit from shared promotional efforts.

4. Community Initiatives:

Grassroots Impact
Work with us on community-based projects, from school rebuilds to water provision initiatives.

Let’s combine our expertise and resources to create lasting change at the grassroots level.

– Directly impact communities in need.
– Foster goodwill and trust within local communities.
– Gain insights into community development and engagement.

5. Ambassador Program:

Champion the Cause
Become a Be The Good 360 ambassador. Use your influence to spread the word, raise funds, and inspire others to join the movement.

– Be recognised as a leader in positive change.
– Access exclusive events and networking opportunities.
– Receive support and resources to amplify your efforts.

Connect with Us:
We’re excited about the potential of what we can achieve together. If you’re interested in any of the partnership opportunities or have a new collaboration idea, we’d love to hear from you.