Art Project: Mining Narrative Art

Artwork: Stratigraphy of Humankind

South Africa’s rich tapestry of mining history is intricately woven with tales of prosperity, trade, and resilience. At the heart of this legacy lies the ancient Kingdom of Mapungubwe, situated at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers. Flourishing between the 11th and 13th centuries, Mapungubwe stood as the most complex society in southern Africa.

Artist Biography – Jo Roets

Capetonian Jo Roets is a distinguished sculptor, painter, and mould maker whose passion for art has been a lifelong journey. Her unique ‘light relief sculptures’ are crafted from self-drying natural stone clay, pushed to its limits to create delicate bass relief artworks. Using unconventional tools, Jo intricately scores the clay, allowing it to warp naturally, adding a unique touch to each piece.

Photo by: Silver Dune Photography

Artwork: Future’s Gaze

Picture this: In Africa’s heart, a young boy, VR headset in place, looks ahead into what might be the future. But there’s more to this image than just tech. It’s a nod to Africa’s treasure trove of resources.

While these elements power global tech, they come from a continent that’s still grappling with economic challenges.

Artist Biography – Nisty Chatha

Nisty Chatha is an artist whose work explores the concept of collective identity and the interconnectedness of human beings. His art delves into the idea that when people work together as a collective, they can make the world a better place.

In his paintings, Nisty often depicts multiple figures within a single body, representing the idea that we are not singular entities but rather part of a larger collective.

Artwork: The Boy of Manica

In the remote landscapes of Manica highlands in Mozambique, a 8-year-old boy’s life intertwines with the pursuit of gold. This painting, inspired by a photograph taken in 2010 by Oscar our CEO, unveils a poignant moment 20 metres underground. The boy, small enough to crawl into spaces where adults cannot, sifts through the earth with a pipe providing air from a distance above.

Artist Michelle Oosthuizen -Artwork: The Boy of Manica

Michelle Oosthuizen is a talented artist whose work is deeply influenced by the human experience and the world around her. Michelle is particularly moved by the stories of children who face adversity and hardship. Her paintings often explore themes of resilience, determination, and the indomitable human spirit.

The inspiration for “The Boy of Manica” came from a photograph taken by a friend who works daily within the harsh realities of the African mining industry.

Artwork: Cherry’s Rock & Roll

Unearth the story behind this captivating artwork, set against the backdrop of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Manono Project. Witness the profound irony of a young lady balancing essential minerals, all while wearing a cherry-themed rock and roll shirt from the first world. Delve into the artist’s vision, the significance of the minerals, and the broader context of mining in the region. Click to unravel the layers of this compelling narrative.

Artist Jonel Scholtz -Artwork: Cherry’s Rock & Roll

Artist Biography – Jonel Scholtz

Discover the brilliance of Jonel Scholtz as she captures the essence of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Manono Project. “Cherry’s Rock and Roll” tells the story of a young lady, her connection to essential minerals, and the profound irony of her attire. Explore the depth of Jonel’s vision, the significance of the minerals, and the broader context of mining in the region. Click to dive deeper into this compelling narrative.