Embarking on an Epic Journey from Cape Town to Cairo, Rainbow Runner Keith Boyd’s quest goes beyond mere record-breaking.

Fueled by aspirations for the future of the Rainbow Nation, Keith relentlessly forges ahead on the long roads that stretch before him by jogging across Africa.

Meet Keith Boyd, also known as the Rainbow Runner, a man propelled by a purpose that goes beyond the mere physical challenges and the potential world record associated with his journey. In his late 50s, this South African-Brit has set out on an extensive run from the southern tip of the continent in Cape Town to the northern expanse in Cairo.

However, Keith’s mission extends far beyond the kilometers he covers. His overarching goal is to inspire active citizenship, particularly among the youth of South Africa.

Recognizing the prevalent issue of voter apathy among the younger demographic, Keith aims to challenge the sentiment that an individual vote may not bring about significant change.

Born in the Western Cape and the founder of the Rainbow Leaders NPO, Keith’s ambition transcends the 11,500 kilometers of his run. He seeks to shift the mindset of the youth and foster a culture of active participation in shaping the country’s future through voting.

In a recent interview with Cape Talk, Keith emphasized the critical importance of addressing poverty as a key challenge in South Africa. According to him, economic growth necessitates committed leaders and an accountable population—attributes that are stimulated by the voting process.

While Keith’s run from Cape to Cairo remains non-partisan, aligning with no specific political party, it strongly aligns with the idea that South Africans should view themselves as active contributors to the country’s betterment, not just passive victims.

The significance of his journey lies not only in the miles covered but in the transformative potential it holds for the mindset and civic engagement of the nation’s youth.

Commencing his run in late July from the Cape, Keith has recently provided updates from Botswana. For those interested in following Keith’s inspiring journey toward active citizenship by joggin across Africa, regular updates can be found here.


Photo cred: Canva – Ikostudio