Anticipating the Springbok game, insights into the South African Deaf Rugby Association’s initiative to disseminate sign language signs inspired by the Rugby World Cup have surfaced.

Among these, the expression “Go Bokke” stands out, and this linguistic lesson has found enthusiastic learners in two security guards who, subsequently, shared their newfound knowledge with others.

Furthermore, the South African Deaf Rugby Association, extending beyond its dedication to promoting deaf rugby, firmly positions itself as an advocate for inclusion in South Africa.

In a deliberate effort to foster a broader understanding and acceptance of the 12th official language, the association diligently shares daily signs, providing insights into both South African Sign Language (SASL) and rugby.

Covering a spectrum of signs, from essential rugby terminology to the names of revered Springboks, the association’s efforts include but are not limited to “Go Bokke,” “Referee,” “Line Out,” and “TMO.”

The palpable resonance of “Go Bokke” extends its influence beyond the realm of rugby, reaching even 24/7 Security. Armed Reaction Officers Gordon Serai and Themba Makobe embraced the task of learning and sharing the sign for “Go Bokke” in preparation for the South Africa vs. Tonga game.

In navigating the demanding landscape of the security industry in South Africa, resilience is paramount, yet officers like Gordon and Themba consistently go above and beyond to assist others.

“They embody the core values of our company, serving as its heartbeat.”

With a brief hiatus in the Springboks’ schedule, the current moment presents an opportune time for everyone to practice and incorporate the “Go Bokke” sign into their expanding knowledge of SASL.

Consider this challenge accepted—a collective effort to enhance our linguistic and cultural repertoire!

Embark on a journey to discover the captivating beauty of South African Sign Language (SASL) through a wealth of online resources. Delve into dedicated websites, where a treasure trove of knowledge awaits, complemented by engaging video tutorials that promise an immersive learning experience.

Additionally, local community centers serve as vibrant hubs for exploring SASL, providing a hands-on and interactive dimension to your linguistic exploration.


Photo cred: 24/7 Security